About Blinds for Sun

2″ Vinyl Blinds – The 2″ vinyl blinds are made from the same material as the PVC Verticals, and as an added bonus, and a matter of fact, the 2″ vinyl blinds even comes in matching patterns to the vertical blinds. You can use these on your windows and get the matching Vertical for your sliding glass door.

Vinyl Roller Shades – Out of the five choices listed here, this one will have the shortest life span, but is also the least expensive. It is a great option for temporary coverage, or for a cabin or beach house. Vinyl roller shades work better than most window treatments but after a period of years the material will start to deteriorate if exposed to intense direct sunlight, so while it gets the job done, doing the job causes these blinds for sun to deteriorate.

Sheerweave Shades – When it comes right down to it, for harsh sunlight areas this blind for sunlight protection can’t be beat. There is a mighty good reason the sheerweave shades are also often called sun control shades. Sometimes you want to block the bright sunlight, without obstructing the view. OS, if you have a view that you’d just hate to block out or maybe an office, or commercial storefront that you don’t want to look like it’s closed then this is the product for you! Sheerweave Shades also offer that added benefit that they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns with different degrees of openness and view.

Plantation Shutters – These are great for blocking sunlight, but they are also incredibly expensive, so if you are going to opt for these then plan on spending quite a bit more than you would for the other options. However, these blinds are expensive for a reason.they are considered by most as ‘furniture for your windows’ and are like the luxury vehicle for your windows. Chances are if you buy these you will have all the neighbors talking. They have added benefits like being able to close only the top or bottom half if you want. They are expensive, but they are worth it.