Advantages of Using Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roof

There’s a lot of options to consider when looking for a new roof for the property. Even if people have narrowed down their choices, they still have to choose between a corrugated metal roof or standing seam metal roofing (along with other options between the two).

The first step in the homeowner’s journey when buying these things centers on choosing the right panel. There are more choices available on the market today, but most of these property owners will select one of these panels: Purlin Bearing Rib or R-Panels, or a standing seam.

Every one of these materials has a unique set of benefits. This article aims to help people get educated on one of the most popular materials, a standing seam metal roof. This article wants people to know the advantages of using these items so they can make the right decision.

A lot of contractors are asked about standing seam roofs. It is the most misconceived material that most manufacturers carry. Most of these questions center around the question: “What is better corrugated or standing seam?”

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Standing seam panels are weather-tight

There are two kinds of fastening systems available in the market when homeowners buy metal roofs, exposed or concealed fasteners. A standing seam panel is considered a concealed fastener panel. It is the most weather-tight roofing system among panels. Knowing the difference between the two systems is the first step when it comes to deciding which kind of metal panel best suits the homeowner’s roofing needs.

Exposed versus concealed fasteners

The main advantage of standing seam panels is their fastening system. It is a concealed-fastener roof panel. It means that these panels are attached to the roof substrate using concealed fasteners and clips. Its screws don’t penetrate the metal panel. Property owners mustn’t have a lot of screw holes in the standing seam, unlike exposed fasteners.

Standing seam details

Seams are considered the weakest point on the roof and the most likely area where water can creep into the metal roofing. A lot of these things have a seam that is at least one inch in height. Having these things located two inches above the roof panel’s height will significantly lessen the chances of leaks. Not only that, but people can also avoid overlaps, and they can use long sheets.

Standing seams are designed to allow for contraction and expansion. As the temperature in the area changes from hot to cold, the roof is designed to allow for temperature movement. It provides property owners the opportunity to have sheet lengths over forty feet.

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Lifetime Roofs


These things are also known as Lifetime Roofs. It means individuals should only need to buy one roof in their lifetime for their property – it is a long-term investment for homeowners. Stand seams can last at least 40 years, 70 years at most. Metals can withstand harsh environments and even strong winds up to 150 miles per hour. It will not cave in under its own weight during torrential rain or snowstorm.

The appeal of standing seam metal roof

These materials transform the look of a residential house and create instant curb appeal. Appearance is subjective, but these things are usually considered to be one of the best-looking roofing panels available in the market today. It is a modern and clean design with straight and sleek lines. Not only that, but these fasteners are also hidden, so individuals will not have a lot of visible screw heads.

They are fire-resistant

Have you seen photos of neighborhoods that wildfires have ravaged, and one property remains to stand and undamaged? That property is usually the one that has metal roofing. The bad news is, as the temperature of climates increases, forest fires are becoming normal each year.

These roofs are the homeowner’s first line of defense against their homes burning to the ground. These panels are a good investment to make for properties to survive wildfires. These materials are not combustible. When installed properly, they will have a Class A rating in fire resistance.

Class A rating is the highest rating when it comes to fire resistance for roofing as per E-84 or ASTM E-108. It indicates that the metal roofing will be able to withstand intense exposure to fire coming from sources outside the house. Homeowners can’t create fireproof houses.

But fire-rating systems will allow architects and builders to choose the materials they will use that minimize the spread of fire. It will enable more time for professional firefighters to arrive at the scene and put out the fire before it ravages the whole property. These things will have Class A fire ratings, but the structure as a whole may receive different fire ratings.

For instance, if the homeowner installed a standing seam roof structure over the top of their current wood shingle roof, then it would not be considered Class A rated system. People want to use an underlayment that is also Class A rated so that their entire roofing structure is built to Class A rating specifications.

Not only that, but roofs also that are Class A rated usually cost less when it comes to the insurance policy. The same way that the stone or brick house costs less to insure compared to wooden ones and metal roofs are less expensive to insure compared to shingles. Having metal roofing minimizes property insurance risk, and the savings contractors get are passed back to customers.

Metal Roof

It requires less maintenance

Since their fasteners are appropriately concealed, they are not exposed to harsh weather. It means that there are not any washers on its screws that need replacement or will break down. Concealed fasteners are one reason why standing seams will require less maintenance than other kinds of metal panels.

Contraction and expansion are not a problem when it comes to standing seam roofing. That is why people will not have problems climbing on their roofing structure periodically to check and make sure that the fasteners have not backed out and re-tighten them.

Every roofing structure requires regular checking and maintenance. It is recommended to do this maintenance at least once or twice a year. It can either be performed by the homeowner, a maintenance service provider, or a roofing contractor. This regular maintenance aims to look for potential problems and spot them early so that they do not become a serious issue in the long run.

Color choices

The color choices are usually available in a Kynar paint system. This paint system is one of the best and is widely available for use on panels, especially metal ones. Homeowners are purchasing the most expensive and most superior system. Standing seam structures can last at least 50 years, even longer. People need a paint system that matches the roofing panel’s performance.

With the Kynar paint system, the color will fade at a less rapid rate. It is why every vibrant and bright color uses this system. A lesser quality paint like SMP paints usually allows for six to 12-color options. By contrast, Kynar-painted roofing structures have a lot of color options to choose from.

Energy savings

A lot of standing seam panels are considered by experts as Cool Metal Roof. Using a Kynar paint system provides cool pigments that lessen the surface temp of the metal roofing structure and increase solar reflectance. Heat absorption is averted by reflecting the sun’s heat and emitting the radiation back to the atmosphere.