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Stock House Plans

Speaking of dream homes, everyone has a desire to design the kind of house they want. For that reason, one can choose whether to have a design drawn up custom or rather check out for stock house plans. The two choices are differentiated by a couple of reasons and the basic one is cost.

Having a custom drawn designed house means a professional architect applies his skills limited to the individual homeowner’s needs or what they have in mind. Factors considered in such a situation are the size of the site of construction, ideas of the individual homeowner, population around the area, and the nationally and locally existing building code plans. Time is also a considerable factor for completion of a custom designed house.

On the other hand, stock house plans are substantial past drawn designs by a skilled designer or architect ideally of a specific purpose or general use. The question is, why choose a stock plan over a custom drawn plan? It all amounts to various reasons that are discussed below.

Affordability: Stock plans have an advantage over a custom drawn plan in that, you can save a lot (up to an approximate of 95%) when you choose this type of plan over a custom plan. The cost of a custom one can be surprisingly high in that the average cost of a stock plan ($700) can be a very small fraction of the cost of a custom one.

Moreover, you can save a lot on construction cost when a using a stock house plan. The advantage comes when you purchase a plan that had been previously used. This means all costs have been put into consideration, therefore, one can easily know what to expect come time for the actual construction. This gives an accurate budget, a small construction span, and efficiency due to prior arrangements during the recent use of the house plan.

Stock house plans can also be tweaked to meet the needs of an individual. Therefore you can be rest assured that you won’t be forced to accept every single internal or external detail of the plan. There are a variety of stock plans from which one may choose based on their personal interest. From the wide variety of house plans offered in the choices above, you can be assured to get one that suits to your lifestyle and ranges within your budget! All is now left to your decision.

Types of Replacement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Sand, cement and wood fiber are the basis of the fiber cement siding and it is much thicker than vinyl, making it more weather proof than vinyl sidings. Due to the stability of the components, it does not expand or contract with weather changes. And it can stay painted for a longer time. There are numerous cities that have made it mandatory to utilize fiber cement siding in case the homeowner needs replacement siding. With low maintenance and weather resistance features, getting a new cladding is easy and affordable.

Engineered Wood Siding

The latest replacement cladding is the engineered wood siding that is manufactured by the use of bonding wood shavings, sawdust and other bonding agents to create a wood like look. But due to the inherent features of strength and wooden finish, the material can be factory painted and is highly weather resistant. It needs to be painted every 5 to 10 years and that enhances the integrity of the engineered wooden sidings. It has a wood like feel but is stronger and has a longer life expectancy than natural wood. And it comes with a 50-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects and rot.

Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding that most people prefer is crafted out of PVC and is one of the most commonly used siding utilized in single family home. Though during the early days, vinyl siding used to warp in extreme heat and cold due to prolonged exposure, the new technology has rendered it durable and can mimic natural wood, slate and stone textures without any damage in extreme climatic conditions. The only downside of using vinyl siding is that you’ll need to replace the whole section and you just cannot paint them over. But these are inexpensive and come with lifetime warranty.

Insulated siding

With a benefit of insulation, it is crafted to fit the vinyl sidings and glued inside. However another type of vinyl siding is bonded with a foam core and has the expanded polystyrene as insulation material. It creates a heat barrier and prevents heat loss. It lays better than traditional siding and is good for irregular walls. Due to insulation, heat loss is minimized and energy bills are lower. But you need to be aware that it is more expensive than vinyl sidings.

Mistakes To Avoid When Constructing House

Cutting corners

It’s human nature to use the shortest routes, but this shouldn’t be the case with you. One of the things that many people do is ignoring the services of architects and contractors. While you can copy the design of your friend’s house, you won’t have the satisfaction as the house won’t have your touch.

An architect not only designs your house, he/she also has the responsibility of advising you on the best design for you according to your preferences and budget.

The professional also researches about the building codes in the area thus ensuring that your house is constructed according to state or municipal requirements. This protects your house from getting demolished in the future.

When it comes to contractors, many homeowners fail to hire them as they feel that they are too expensive. To ensure that your house is constructed according to plan you should hire a contractor to handle all the construction issues. In addition to saving you time, the contractor also ensures that the house is constructed according to plan.

Ignoring your family needs

You are building the house for your family thus they should always be at the back of your mind from when you are getting the house designs, to when you are constructing the house. As rule of thumb you should construct a house that is ideal for your family. This calls for you to ensure that the bedrooms and living spaces are enough for your family.

If you are planning of having more children in the future or you will be having family members living with you, you should have a large house. Before you construct a house you should sit down with your architect and explain your needs.

Tornado Shelters

Our warning systems are becoming much more accurate, and forecasters are letting people know earlier, when severe storms are on their way. But tornadoes drop from the thunderclouds without any advance notice, and sometimes at night, when you can’t even see where they are – although you can usually hear them. But a warning does not do you much good if your house is on a slab and you have no place to go other than an interior room.

Tornado shelters give you the best chance of survival in these unpredictable, violent storms. Once you hear the warning siren, you can have a safe shelter just a few steps away from your door.

Some shelters come with amenities and some do not. Tornado shelters used for this purpose only do not need as much in the way of foodstuffs and supplies as do apocalyptic Armageddon shelters. A tornado may be there and gone in a manner of minutes. It’s still a good idea to stock your shelter with food, water and first aid supplies, in case your home or others are destroyed.

Some tornado shelters have double wall construction, and this makes them quite safe for you and your family. They may be made from various materials, including plastics, reinforced to be safe against the fiercest of storms.

Storm shelters also have strong doors, specially made so that they cannot be ripped out by a tornado’s pressure as it passes. Research is done at wind engineering and other centers, to determine that these shelters are as safe as they can possibly be.

Fiberglass is also used in tornado shelters, although some vendors believe that Polyethylene is a superior product for this purpose. You can also purchase tornado shelters with handicap access, which was unheard-of not long ago.

In-ground shelters have a lifespan much longer than your own, so you won’t have to worry about replacing these valuable structures. Concrete has also been used for some time for underground shelters, and many people rely on this type of construction, as well, when tornado season hits.

Steel storm shelters are also a valuable way to place your refuge underground, safe from the path of any tornado. As the tornado season extends to months not previously associated with the killer storms, a sturdy nearby shelter is very important.

The newest models of shelters, though, are those made from plastic materials, as it is being found out that they are sturdy and strong, and as durable as some of the other materials that people have been using for many years.

Basement and Cellar Conversions

There are several things to think about before pushing on with a conversion project, not least finding a reputable basement and cellar conversion company. Always ask for references and quotes beforehand, so you are aware of the budgetary requirements. It is worth enquiring about the duration of the project too, as the work can infringe upon your living somewhat. To be prepared is to be of benefit to you.

The waterproofing of a cellar is one of the most important areas of the conversion process. If this isn’t done properly, then the problem will continue until it is rectified. The waterproofing protects all the fixtures and fittings, the internal structures of the wall and helps fight the deterioration of all materials within the cellar. The last thing you want is for your furniture and floors to start accumulating mould and damp spots. Cellars are very susceptible to this, given that they don’t have natural air ventilation and are closer to the earth’s moisture from groundwater.

If the damp is very bad, then there may need to be other solutions to get round the persistent problem. Certain water proofing systems can be installed, whereby drainage channels are created, so as the water finds a way to leave the location safely, without interfering with the property’s walls.

Creating Home With Reclaimed Materials

An increasing number of builders as well as home owners are now starting to realize that there is a lot of reclaimed material that can be used. This material in fact costs half of what something brand new would, and brings down the cost of construction significantly. With quality not being compromised, it is beginning quite a popular option among those planning a new home with character and attitude.

Here is how you can shop around for reclaimed building materials. Keep an open mind about it and don’t go in looking for something specific. You will be surprised at all that you will find and you may be able to give your home a completely new dimension.

Once you know that you are in need of such materials, make it a point to shop around over a long period of time. This will help you spot items that have come on in recent times. If you are doing your shopping at salvage stores and reclamation centers, let the manager know what you are looking for in general and they can always call you when they receive something like it.

You could also look for options online though being able to actually see and feel the material would be a better option. Sometimes things look different in a photo than in real life. You may not be able to carry out what you hand in mind once you get the material in hand. Look for online ads of those who may have some materials on sale. There are also numerous forums that you can look at. In fact on these forums, you can post what you need and several other folks may be able to share a resource. Always keep an open mind and be ready to experiment with styles and materials to give your home a unique appeal.