Definition of Procrastination

The definition fits perfectly for all the things we say we will do later on. We will mow the lawn later on, we will wash up later on, we will visit a friend later on, all with the express purpose of delay. This is a problem for us, because when we delay, when we put something off, we are in the awkward position of loading our agendas later on with more tasks that need doing.

Let’s take the example of the lawn. We delay it, and put it off till the weekend. The grass will get longer and the lawn will take longer to mow, it might be difficult to mow as the lawnmower cannot cope with the longer grass, you need to take extra trips to the compost heap, but here is the problem. One Friday night, Jill and Jeff called and invite you over for a BBQ all day Saturday, and you already have dinner plans with the in laws on Sunday. Now there is a rush to try to get the lawn mowed and visit all these other folks.

Arriving at either event after mowing a lawn is going to leave you drained and you won’t enjoy it quite as much.

To define procrastination is to define our delay in doing things. Whether you are doing the lawn or doing the paperwork, or just planning your goals – they cannot be delayed. Do them NOW – even just a short 5 minutes on an item, put something back in the cupboard or look at some letters, each will cut the delay and improve your mood.

Have the weight of those “things to do” on your mind constantly will leave you with a disorganised mind and crowded thoughts. This is not the way to experience this amazing world in all its beauty. You are here to experience it in all its bright colours, it’s amazing smells and to feel every moment – So how can you when you always have the burden of procrastination on your mind!