Add Space to a New Foreclosure House

This would help determine whether one can expand horizontally. This means adding floor space by lessening a property’s outdoor space. In contrast, vertically means having to add a floor below or on top of the existing floors of a home.

This will help determine which parts of a house and lot can accommodate the planned extension.

If one needs more kitchen space, this usually has to be added at the back of the house and not in front.

Does one need the extension still connected to the main house or would it be better if the new extension were built separately?

Finally, one may need to come up with a time-based budget so that they will not spend an unnecessary amount for the extension of a foreclosure home.

People have all sorts of reasons for needing extra space in their homes, and these reasons consequently determine the type of extension they have to build.

  • More bed or living space. New people joining the household usually mean that more bedrooms needed. In other cases, having children grow up and unwilling to continuing sharing bedrooms would also force parents to add extensions to their homes.
  • Home office. With more and more people choosing to work from home, it has also become more common for homeowners to require an office extension built in their property. If one needs to do this, check if any kind of permit is required when building a home office.
  • Conservatory or greenhouse. Most people add conservatories and/or greenhouses to their homes in lieu of a larger living room and patio. When building this type of extension, invest in translucent materials such as fiberglass to let more sunlight in. Without sufficient sunlight, plants and flowers in a greenhouse are likely to wither or become more high-maintenance than usual.
  • Balconies and terraces. This type of extension obviously has to be built on the second floor or anything higher than the ground floor. It may or may not have a roof, but it definitely needs a solid foundation and that could cost a good amount of money.