Advantages of Metal Roof Coating

Metal is no less vulnerable to the ravages of weather and time than any other material that might adorn your roof. There are metal roofs that have been applied with sealant or paint at the time they are manufactured in the factory. Even these roofs may not be able to withstand the adverse effect of the weather without being properly coated after installation.

Advancement in the field of science has brought about durability and effectiveness in metal roof coating in recent years. These roofing solutions are non-toxic, safe and entirely odorless. Metal roof coating consists of several different substances, however, the most common of them is polyester. The best thing about these products is you can apply them to the already existing roof without having the need to remove the previous coating. This, however, does not include roof penetration line vents, chimneys and air conditioners. Since these are vulnerable points, they need to be caulked and scraped for better results.

Metal roof coating is presently considered one of the best roofing solutions available in the market. There are several advantages of applying it on your roof. First of all, it assists in conserving electricity by providing a protective layer and, consequently, decreases the loss of heat from inside the house during winter. During the summer, the same protective layer keeps the cold air produced by your air conditioner inside the house. It also has the ability to reflect ultra violet rays which are extremely harmful. Its ability to reflect UV rays also enables the extension of its life. Incidentally, these roof solutions are able to repel up to 90% of harmful rays from penetrating into your house.

This reflective ability is much more than what conventional roofing materials have to offer since they are only able to repel around 25% while absorbing the remaining bulk of the harmful rays. Metal roof coatings are also able to strengthen the roof and protect the structure from harmful damage.

Obviously, the roof is in contact with UV rays and the scorching heat for extended hours during the course of each day. Both of these are detrimental for the well being of your roof. Conventional materials are unable to cope with the contraction and expansion caused by the heat on a daily basis. Overtime, it takes a toll on conventional materials. On the contrary, roof coating is able to retain a constant temperature throughout the day making it a better and more reliable choice..