Choosing a Builder for New Home

The best builders are those that have built good reputations with homeowners and realtors. Search for builders with homes that have a tendency to maintain their value. This is despite the fact that there has been a decline in home value during the past few years, which is one of history’s first times ever. This may not be an exact science, but it is a good sign when a builder’s homes either increase or maintain their value. For example, search realtor ads that particularly mention the builder of a 5 or 7-year old home, which is for sale. It clearly shows that the realtor considers the name of the builder as a big plus.

Not all good builders choose to be members of their Home Builder Association, so do not take this too seriously. Nevertheless, a membership such as this could show that the builder has a long-term commitment to the area where they are from. This also shows commitment to the community developers of new homes, suppliers of construction materials and trade contractors that work within your area.

Explore model homes as well as homes built by this builder for previous buyers

When you have shortlisted your potential builders by means of the abovementioned criteria, this is perhaps the most important thing to do. Nothing could be better than exploring a home which was built by the builders on your list. This can be a fully-furnished home that is open for public viewing, or it can be a home built for a previous buyer and which you visited by appointment. Either way, carefully observe the way it looks and feels, as well as the quality of materials used.

As you visit the aforementioned homes, look for signs that show quality construction, and pay close attention to details. Observe the building materials that the contractor uses. Are they reputable brands that are known for their good quality? How about the homes that are being constructed on your way to the model homes? Are they also well cared for, and given much attention?