Crafting a Simple Gazebo

The first part of the construction process is getting the area clean and leveled. The best part about the canopy style is that it is portable and can be constructed with little woodworking knowledge.

The first thing you will need to do when installing a canopy style structure is to review the plans and directions carefully. Ensure that you understand all the steps that are needed to install the structure. Verify that all the items that should be in the kit have been included. Organize the parts in order from the first piece that will be used to the last one.

Next, we will be laying out the position the building will be in. Try to get the area as level as possible. Remove all the trees, stones and anything else that may be present in the area. Use a shovel to move the dirt from any of the high spots and place it into the lower areas. Ensuring the area is leveled will make your construction process run more smoothly and also lessen the possibility of your gazebo falling.

One important aspect of crafting a simple gazebo is ensuring that you are using the simplest techniques at all time. This canopy gazebo is one such structure that will use a limited amount of tools. You will need screws or small bolts to secure certain parts. Refer to the instructions to identify what method to use at specific points.

After installing the flooring for the deck, the next step will be to assemble the building. Use the instructions to identify where the canopy should be and then unfold the canopy and set it directly in the sunshine. Remove all the crimps and creases. Canopy structures come equipped with parts that either snap or zip together. Proceed to snap the pieces that should be snapped and zip the parts that should be zipped.

When all of the walls have been mounted successfully, identify the pieces that should be used to construct the roof and assemble them on top of the walls. Finally, proceed to attach the completed structure to the deck or flooring.

Construct the canopy one step at a time following the instructions that are included into the kit. Cover the flooring using mulch or crush stone, to keep away dirt or mud. It is recommended that you clear the area that surrounds the gazebo to a minimum of 5 feet around the actual structure.