Custom Cabinets

When having cabinets customized, it is important to realize that they will take longer than their pre-fabricated counterpart. They must be manufactured and built to specification of individual homes. The order process itself will take a longer period of time because very specific measurements will have to be recorded. In fact, there may be more than one visit to the home in order to confirm measurements before the ordering takes place.

Once they have been ordered, it can be months before they are complete. If special-order items are being added to the design, it is customary to expect an even longer time before the kitchen remodel can commence.

It is important to note that professional installation of custom cabinets is absolutely crucial. Do not skimp and attempt to install these cabinets, as the results could be costly and disastrous. Homeowners who attempt to do this on their own often ruin their beautifully constructed cabinets and pay even more to have a professional repair what was damaged. Before the installation begins, be certain that the installer is one who is trained in custom cabinetry and not a hanger of stock materials.