Custom Made Sheds


In most garages there can be found rakes, shovels, and other miscellaneous items pushed into corners, u9ially in a tangled mess that prevents anyone from finding what they’re looking for. However, there is almost always untapped space around our vehicles just waiting to be utilized. But rather than storing things away in a haphazard fashion, it is possible to make strategic use of the unique space in your garage. There is a wide assortment of garage organization options to be found in any home improvement store, and a system of tubs and bins combined with wall racks and overhead storage can allow you to reclaim the empty space in your garage. The average homeowner can easily make these modifications on their own, and there are plenty of resources on TV and the internet to turn to for inspiration. Garages make excellent storage areas for seasonal items, or any household goods that don’t need to be within easy reach.

Convertible Room

The next step up is to have a storage system designed to be accessed when your car is not in the garage. This type of setup makes use of tables that fold down from the walls, cabinets that expand when opened, and tool chests or other items that can pull double duty when called upon. A popular use of this design is to give homeowners an in-house workshop or crafts room. To properly create a convertible room will require clever layouts and accurate carpentry skills In order to have this level of precision, a homeowner should have completed several projects in the past, and be ready to invest some time to make sure everything is done correctly. That said, the necessary skills are well within the range of the advanced do-it-yourself.

Garages today tend to be storage units instead of places to park your car. Clutter makes it hard to find things when you need them, it keeps your car outside where it’s subject to bad weather, pollution, vandalism and even accidents. By taking your garage back from the clutches of clutter, you can protect your car and still have room to store your stuff.