Facts Modular Homes

Modular homes are very cost effective. They are built in an efficient manner with little time loss as well as little materials waste. Materials can also be purchased by the manufacturer in bulk. These costs are usually passed on to the consumer. Depending where the build is, the construction costs of a modular house average 10-35% less than a similar site build one. These houses also appreciate in value in the same way other homes do.

The length of time it takes to build a modular dwelling will vary based on the design, the manufacturer, and the on-site contractor. Most modular houses can be built in the factory within 1-2 weeks. The process is much faster than site built because weather delays are avoided due to the factory setting. Once the home has been completed in the factory it will be transported to the building site and then it usually takes another 2-4 weeks to complete the construction.

Being environmentally friendly is becoming more important to many consumers and home builders. Modular constructed homes are very energy efficient. They have well-insulated walls, as well as sustainable construction materials.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that modular houses are not as well constructed as site built homes. This is not true. Because factory homes must be transported they are especially strong and have to withstand conditions that site built homes do not. These homes also go through number of inspections, more than a traditional home, to insure quality. Every step of the construction process is controlled and professionally supervised. These homes have greatly improved over recent years and it is now becoming difficult to distinguish one from a site built home.