Garden Cabins

People choose garden cabins for a number of reasons. For some they are a guest house, offering people a place to stay as either visitors to their home, or even renting it out as an AirBNB accommodation. These usually have working bathrooms, running water and mini kitchens in the unit.

Others are less expansive. They can be workout rooms, reading nooks or just somewhere to relax and get away from the main house. Some are even greenhouses with increased functions, which is a great way to get a bit more out of things.

You might be wondering why you wouldn’t just get a gazebo. After all they are the same thing… wrong! Gazebos are open, covered patios or decks that are detached from the house. Garden cabins are actual miniature versions of houses, or single room dwellings. They offer something more, like the ability to sit out in the garden on rainy or winter days.

Though a gazebo can be an awesome addition to a yard, a garden cabin really improves the value of your house. Plus they are just nicer.

The cost of garden cabins can vary. Some will be as little as a couple hundred for what is essentially a fancy shed. Others can be up to ten thousand for a fully functional guest house style cabin. Usually they range in the $3,000 – $6,000 range.

Maintaining them depends on what materials you use. Log cabins require restaining every three to five years, costing between $3,000 and $5,000 during that time. Other materials used probably won’t need that kind of work, though it is a small price to pay for such a gorgeous extension to your home.

There is no end to what you can do with a garden cabin. Here are some examples of incredible ones people have made.

  • The Guest House – These people have chosen to built a guest house style of cabin that allows them to rent out to travelers who need a nice place to stay. It is in a gorgeous garden and works as an alternate form of income that offsets the initial cost of building the cabin.
  • The Japanese Garden – A touch of Japanese culture overlooks a Japanese style stone and water garden. This is another hotel accommodation that takes it a little further, offering its own deck, hot bath and more. As you can see, anything is possible that you wish to design.
  • The Low Roof Vermont – This is a cute little Vermont style cabin that has a very low roof. That might be a problem for some people, but if you aren’t that tall or are building it for children (garden cabins makes excellent playrooms) then it could be a great and affordable option.
  • The Summer House – This adorable summer house uses a classic country style with open windows to take advantage of the natural light during the summer months. It is similar in many ways to a solarium, an old fashioned room that was used for people to get a bit of indirect sunlight.
  • The Triangle Cabin – A unique design really makes this cabin stand out. They have made it into a little triangle that tucks it neatly into the corner of the garden while eliminating wasted space. This wouldn’t be good for a guest house, but might be nice for a little relaxation room, meditation space or home gym.