Reasons New Homes Trump Old Ones


The buyer of a single-family dwelling will live in it for over 13 years on average. Living in the same place for five years is a long time, let alone over a decade. In order to make a living situation as comfortable as possible, there are certain features or amenities that people enjoy having in their residence. New homes allow buyers to include every single feature that will make their day-to-day life better, such as a walk-in closet, separate laundry room, and extra-large bathtub. A recent survey showed that some other popular features for people in the market for a new home are separate pantries, garage storage, outdoor lighting, and modern security systems. Contractors read these surveys and build these desirable features into their structures. Buying a pre-owned residence means the owner will have to upgrade or install any extra features he or she wants. The average dwelling remodel starts at about $20,000 for a basic job and takes about two months. Furthermore, older residences are generally much smaller than newer construction. The average house size in 1975 was just over 1,600 square feet. Today, it is over 2,700 square feet.


Buying a used house is something of a crapshoot. You can have experts check it from foundation to attic for any potential problems, but you can never be 100% sure you won’t be faced with a major repair in the near future. The only way to be totally confident that there are no significant issues with your dwelling is to buy new homes. A freshly built house has not suffered any abuse by prior owners or tenants. There are no cracks, leaks, or faulty wiring that you don’t know about. Any appliances included with the residence are fresh from the store and still under warranty. Modern construction materials can also stand up to the elements much better than those used in older dwellings.

In conclusion, when faced with the decision of used or new homes, you should always choose new. As your house is a space that you will spend the majority of your time in, your dwelling should be customized to give you exactly what you want, something only available with a newly built structure.