Tornado Shelters

Our warning systems are becoming much more accurate, and forecasters are letting people know earlier, when severe storms are on their way. But tornadoes drop from the thunderclouds without any advance notice, and sometimes at night, when you can’t even see where they are – although you can usually hear them. But a warning does not do you much good if your house is on a slab and you have no place to go other than an interior room.

Tornado shelters give you the best chance of survival in these unpredictable, violent storms. Once you hear the warning siren, you can have a safe shelter just a few steps away from your door.

Some shelters come with amenities and some do not. Tornado shelters used for this purpose only do not need as much in the way of foodstuffs and supplies as do apocalyptic Armageddon shelters. A tornado may be there and gone in a manner of minutes. It’s still a good idea to stock your shelter with food, water and first aid supplies, in case your home or others are destroyed.

Some tornado shelters have double wall construction, and this makes them quite safe for you and your family. They may be made from various materials, including plastics, reinforced to be safe against the fiercest of storms.

Storm shelters also have strong doors, specially made so that they cannot be ripped out by a tornado’s pressure as it passes. Research is done at wind engineering and other centers, to determine that these shelters are as safe as they can possibly be.

Fiberglass is also used in tornado shelters, although some vendors believe that Polyethylene is a superior product for this purpose. You can also purchase tornado shelters with handicap access, which was unheard-of not long ago.

In-ground shelters have a lifespan much longer than your own, so you won’t have to worry about replacing these valuable structures. Concrete has also been used for some time for underground shelters, and many people rely on this type of construction, as well, when tornado season hits.

Steel storm shelters are also a valuable way to place your refuge underground, safe from the path of any tornado. As the tornado season extends to months not previously associated with the killer storms, a sturdy nearby shelter is very important.

The newest models of shelters, though, are those made from plastic materials, as it is being found out that they are sturdy and strong, and as durable as some of the other materials that people have been using for many years.