Uses of Cable Gland

Nylon cable glands are best suited for use where there is risk of flammability, since nylon has a very high resistance to burning. It melts in the presence of high temperatures, providing some level of protection. Nylon cable glands are produced in a variety of colors to distinguish their function.

Spiral type cable glands have excellent locking and sealing qualities and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, with some of them being able to resist extremely high temperature intermittently as well.

Other types offer explosion protection and gas-sealing features which are suitable for use in hazardous industries.

Some special applications may require additional protection like a lock-nut and washer to give better sealing.

Most manufacturers must comply with the international protection standards like the IPR or International Protection Rating scale. This scale provides different values for different qualities that can be measured such as immersion in water up to certain depths, heat resistance up to certain temperature, etc. The threading variations are also standardized according to metric or other calibrations. This makes it convenient for purchasers to find the right kind of cable gland to suit their requirements. These standards also allow parts to be replaced quickly and accurately as they can be ordered according to the correct specifications.

Cable glands also have clamping facilities which make them highly effective in providing the correct grip and sealing irrespective of the number of cables that are passed through them. Color coding is also available with different manufacturers, with distinctions being made between outdoor and indoor applications. To provide additional sealing and locking facilities, cable glands can have their own set of gaskets in different or similar materials which provide safety while being tightened so that the gland is correctly positioned and it continues to sit in that position.

Depending on your requirements, you can purchase cable glands from your local hardware or electrical goods stores. However, if you have a bulk purchase, you can order them directly from the manufacturers on-line after consulting their catalogs. Many manufacturers offer free shipping, bulk discounts and free samples for better selection.