Window Treatment Basics

Privacy protection

Privacy is obviously important, especially for windows in the front of your home that probably face a street or other public throughway’s. Windows facing more private areas of a fenced yard, on the other hand might not need to provide much in the way of privacy.

Several window treatment designs can provide privacy. Blinds or thick curtains most notably, but privacy can also be attained with use of window frostings or diffusers. These will however obstruct your view of the great outdoors.

Light control

Sunlight and glare needs to be controlled in the bedroom if sleeping comfort is interrupted by light entering through the windows. In a room where sunlight will interfere with TV watching or computer use needs window treatments that are effective in light control too.

Any room with items that can be damaged by the suns UV rays need window treatments that are good at controlling light. Any kind of artwork, antiques, or photographs can benefit from this protection. Even carpeting and hardwood flooring can be damaged by the suns UV rays. Consider this when deciding on a window treatment type for any particular window.

Window tinting can be very effective at blocking UV rays. Other than that, window treatments that open and close easily are preferred – blinds, curtains etc. excel here.

Complementing the rooms decor

The decor of window treatments in any given room is more important to some of us than to others. If decor is not an issue for you, then some simple window blinds are inexpensive and effective at the other two criteria.

If decor is more important to you, then you can have your work cut out for you depending on taste. Curtains are available in almost any pattern and color of material. A little sewing experience can make a DIY curtain project a breeze, or perhaps you know someone who is willing to sew curtains to your specifications, using our preferred material.